The humbreak filter can be used to insert line(system)/page breaks into Humdrum data.

Example usage to add line breaks:

In order for the breaks to be used, !!!verovio: breaks encoded is added to set the verovio option breaks to encoded. You can add the option to the data as done above, or you can set the HNP option "breaks": "encoded", or click on the linebreak button in the main toolbar on VHV (<div title="Use embedded line breaks (if any)" class="nav-icon fas fa-align-center"></div>/).

The humbreak filter will add !!LO:LB lines just before the measures after the -m option:

The -p option works similarly to m, but page breaks will be added to the given barlines.

The -g can set the group name for the line/page breaks, with the default group being original.

The -r option can be used to remove any !!!LO:LB or !!!LO:PB lines in the Humdrum data.

The -l option is used to convert any !!LO:PB to LO:LB (convert page brakes to line breaks.