Enhancements for figured bass

Figured bass can now be imported from MusicXML exported from music editors that suppoprt figured bass, such as MuseScore. Also, the **fb representnation has been expanded with several features, such as slashed figures. See the figured-bass documentation for more information.

Embedded options

Rendering options for verovio can now be embedded directly into Humdrum data. This allows refined control of notation, particularly default spacings. A complete list of verovio options is given in table form, showing the default values and ranges for each option along with a brief description of the...

Encoding tremolos

Tremolos can now be displayed in VHV notation.

Humdrum notation plugin

After editing your music in VHV, you can display the notation dynamically on your webpage with the Humdrum notation plugin. The topics page of the plugin documentation gives demonstrations of how to configure and use the plugin, such as saving SVG images and viewing notation from...

Slur checking tool

A description of the slurcheck tool has been added here. The tool can be used to check slurs for data-entry errors by highlighting hanging slurs (slurs without either a start or an ending).

Saving buffers

A set of buffers to save and restore the contents of the editor have been added to VHV. These buffers will remain after the VHV webpage is reloaded. See the documentation about buffers for more information.

Autosave feature

An autosave feature has been implemented for VHV. When you leave the VHV website, either accidentally or on purpose, the contents of the text editor will be saved. If you return to the editor within an hour, the previous contents of the editor will be restored automatically. If you...

Beam editing

Beams can now be split in the notation editor. Typing L while selecting a note/chord/rest within a beam will split the beam before the selection. Typing J while selecting a note/chord/rest within a beam will split the beam after the selection. More info…

White mensural notation

An initial implementation of **mens for encoding white mensural notation has been added to humlib and VHV. See the **mens documentation page for a description of the representation, as well as the kern2mens filter for documentation on how to convert modern notation into

Inserting null lines

Three convenience comands have been added to the VHV interface: alt-shift-l, alt-shift-i, and alt-shift-d. These commands will add an empty local comment, interpretation, or data line respectively above the current line in the text editor. This speeds up entry of layout commands, clef changes,...

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