Splits are used to speed up data correction on long scores.

The View→Splits menu list splitting options.

A “split” is a selected region of the music that will be displayed while other regions are hidden. This allows redrawing of the music only in the split area, speeding up the time from when you make an edit to when it is rendered.

Available options:

Start splitting (32-measure splits)
Starts splitting at the beginning of the score in 32 measure increments.
Next measure split
Display the next 32 measures of the score
Previous measure split
Display the previous 32 measures of the score.
Start splitting (8-system splits)
Start splitting at the beginning of the score in 8 system increments.
Next system split
Display the next 8 system of the score.
Previous system split
Display the previous 8 systems of the score.
Remove splits
Stop splitting the score. (return to full view)

Splitting can be done manually by adding !!ignore at the start of sections that you want to hide, and !!Xignore to start displaying the score again.