How to encode articulations in **kern data.


Here is a sampler of note articulations:

Articulations can be place on the opposite side of their automatic location by adding RDF entries to force the articulation above or below the notehead:

Hiding articulations

Articulations can be hidden by adding a single y after the articulation.

A more efficient system of hiding articulations can be done using *Xartic and *artic interpretations. The *Xartic interpretation can be used to suppress display of multiple articulations on a staff until an *artic interpretation is found on the staff. The text simile can be shown in the notation by adding it to the *Xartic:simile interpretation:

Regular/Textual tenutos

Regular tenuto articulations are encoded as a tilde (~). When the tenuto is written as “ten.”, use a double tilde (~~):

Additional articulations

Here are examples of additional note articulations: