A tutorial on how to encode rhythm in **kern data.


Rhythms in **kern data are given in terms of the number of units the duration of the note will divide a whole note. Whole notes are 1 since there is one whole note in a whole note. Half notes are 2 since there are two in a whole note. Quarter notes are 4 since there are four in a whole note, etc.

An exception to the numeric system for rhythms is used for some notes longer than a whole note: breves are represented by 0, longs are represented by 00 and maximas by 000.

The shortest note value that verovio can display is a 256th note, although shorter values can be represented in **kern data.

Augmentation dots

Augmentation dots are represented by period characters (.). The first one adds 1/2 the duration of the plain note, the next adds an additional 1/4 of the original note, and so on.