A Description of the VHV help menu.

Opening and closing the help menu

A brief list of commands and other resources can be displayed within the VHV interface by clicking on the ? icon at the top of the page, or by pressing the ? key. If you are currently editing text in the text editor, instead use alt+? to avoid typing a question mark in the editor.

VHV main page
Red arrow points to the help icon.

After clicking on the help icon, the help menu appears:

VHV main page showing help menu
Verovio Humdrum Viewer with the help menu displayed

The help menu is longer than the height of the window, but you can scroll through it to see all of its contents:

Scrolling through the help menu
Scrolling through the help menu

Pressing the ? icon at the top of the page again, or typing ? will hide the help menu. If the browser page is wide, you can keep the help menu open for quick reference while you using the interface.

Tandem display of VHV documentation

At the top of the help menu is a link to this documentation website. If you want to have quick reference to the documentation while you are using VHV. This will open the documentation in another tab. You can move this tab to its own window and resize according to the available space on your desktop.

opening up a documentation window.
Opening up a documentation window from the link to it in the help menu.

Help menu entries highlighted in red are hyperlinked into the documentation and will open up in documentation window as shown above, where the alt-f documentation is loaded from the help menu.