Description of the the single- and multi-page display modes.

There are two page display modes in VHV: either show the entire score on a single vertically scrollable page, or a multi-page mode, where each page displays the maximum number of systems that can fit in the visible browser window.

By default when opening the VHV webiste, single-page mode is active. When in single-page mode, the page state is visible under the playback button, using this symbol:

To switch to multi-page mode, click on this icon, which will be replaced with these icons:

  • Click on the right arrow to advance to the next page.
  • Click on the left arrow to go back one page.
  • Click on the center icon to return to single-page mode.
  • Shift-click on left arrow to go to first page.
  • Shift-click on right arrow to go to last page.

MIDI playback

Multi-page mode is generally better for MIDI playback (play MIDI file by pressing the triangle icon above the the page-mode icon). Large scores tax computer resources, so MIDI playback will not be smooth when the music is approximately longer than 10 printable page.

When in multi-page mode, the pages will be turned automatically when playback begins another page. In single-page mode, you have to scroll manually to view the playback point in the score.