This page describes how to add key icons to documentation text.

Keypresses can be added by enclosing the keys within a span element that is marked with the class keypress. For example the key @ is encoded with this text:

<span class="keypress">@</span>

Key combinations

Keypress combinations are enclosed in a single span element, with a dash separating the separate keystrokes that are supposed to be pressed at the same time. For example the key combination alt-s is created with the text:

<span class="keypress">alt-s</span>

Key sequences

A sequence of keys to press in succession is encoded by placing a plus sign between each key. For example 3+s is created with the text:

<span class="keypress">3+s</span>

Key sequences and combinations mixtures

Key sequences and combinations can be mixed in the same span content. For example the keys 3+alt-s, which means press the 3 key followed by alt-s, is created by the text:

<span class="keypress">3+alt-s</span>

Special key names

Here is a list of keys that have special names: