VHV contains a set of online repertories of digital scores.

A list of online scores is given at the bottom of the help menu in the VHV editor:

digital scores listing.
Digital score window about print source window.

Here is a list of some of the available repertories:

Repertory Repository Website
370 J.S. Bach chorales on Github
200 Deutscher Liederschatz on Github
17 Mozart piano sonatas on Github
32 Beethoven piano sonatas on Github
16 Beethoven quartets on Github
56 Chopin mazurkas on Github
24 Hummel preludes, op. 67 (in all keys) on Github
54 Joplin rags on Github
19 Tasso rime settings on Github tassomusic.org
300 Works of Josquin des Prez (c.1450–1521) on Github josquin.stanford.edu
44 Works of Johannes Ockeghem (c.1425–1497) on Github josquin.stanford.edu
78 Works of Pierre de la Rue (c.1452–1518) on Github josquin.stanford.edu
23 Works of Mabrianus de Orto (c.1460–1529) on Github josquin.stanford.edu
66 Works of Antoine Busnoys (c.1430–1492) on Github josquin.stanford.edu
19 Works of Guillame Du Fay (c.1397–1474) on Github josquin.stanford.edu
22 Works of Jean Japart (c.1476–1481) on Github josquin.stanford.edu

Filters for repertories

Repertories can be filtered en masse by adding a filter to the URL of the repertory index or to a specific work/movement in the repertory.

Repertory Filter Meaning
370 J.S. Bach chorales no filters
370 J.S. Bach chorales satb2gs Show music in Grand-staff layout
370 J.S. Bach chorales transpose -kc Transpose tonic to C (major, minor, mixolydian, etc.)
370 J.S. Bach chorales transpose -k c | satb2gs Transpose tonic to C (major, minor, mixolydian, etc.) and show on grand staff
370 J.S. Bach chorales transpose -b 6 Transpose up a major second
370 J.S. Bach chorales extract -k 1 Display only the first part in the file (bass)
370 J.S. Bach chorales myank -m 1-3 Display only the first three measures of the work
370 J.S. Bach chorales autobeam -r Remove beams
370 J.S. Bach chorales autobeam -r | autobeam Remove beams and then reapply automatic beams based on meter

When filtering a repertory, the original content of the digital score will be shown in the text editor and the filtered data in the notation rendering. To view the filtered data in the text editor, type the alt-c key combination to compile the filter.

If you do not want another work in the repertory to be filtered, then delete the !!!filter line that is automatically placed at the top of the digital score that is extracted from the reperoty URL.