A description of how to encode figured bass (basso continuo) in **fb spines.

Figured bass can be encoded in Humdrum **fb spines:

Try changing/adding/deleting numbers in the second spine (column) to change the figured bass in the music on the right.

Accidental encodings match those of **kern pitches:

Character Meaning
# sharp
n natural
- (dash) flat

Stacked figures are created by listing the numbers in order from top to bottom with a single space between the individual figures. More complicated examples can be encoded once the verovio rendering of figured bass has been completed.

Notice that figures do not need to be attached to notes on the staff that the figures are shown on (such as 3# in measure 15).

**Bnum can be used as an alias for **fb.

Realization hints

Here is an example of adding realization hints in a basso continuo part: