URL parameters

A Documentation page has been created that describes how to configure VHV when starting it up, such as hiding the menus, loading a score from the web, searching the music and filtering a score after it has been loaded.

semitones filter

The semitones filter was added. This tool can extract melodic semitone intervals from **kern spine data. The tool can also highlight categoies of intervals by steps, leaps, and direction.

Spreadsheet toolbar

A spreadsheet toolbar has been added to VHV. This allows for bidirectional interaction between VHV and Google Sheets. It can also be used for collaborative editing of a Humdrum file from Google Sheets.

Colortriads filter

The colortriads filter has been added to VHV. This filter colors triadic sonorities according to the root note of the triad.


A toolbar has been added in the top left corner of the VHV website. This toolbar contains useful actions for quick access. There are several toolbars that can be cycled through, including toolbars for loading and saving to temporary buffers, musical searching, and data filtering.

Encoding sic information

A sic system for marking obvious errors in a source edition has been implemented. This system can manage whether the original or a corrected reading of the score is displayed in the digital score. In addition, a verbose marker can be used to display a green triangle above sic...

Embedding Humdrum codes in MusicXML

A system for embedding Humdrum interpretations, comments and reference records has been added to the MusicXML-to-Humdrum converter. This allows for most extra Humdrum markup to be added within a graphical music editor before converting MusicXML data into Humdrum in VHV.

Repetition symbols

Repetition symbols to indicate repeated musical content have been implemented. To create a repetition, place a *rep marker at the start of the music to substitute with the symbol, and *Xrep at the end of the music.

System decoration

System decorations documentation has been added. The documentation page discusses how to display instrument names and abbreviations at the start of each system as well as how to add braces or brackets to group staves together.

Slur and tie styling

Styling of slurs and ties have been implemented, including dashed and dotted lines as well as coloring. In addition, phrase marks are now rendered and can be given similar stylings.

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