A description of how to encode repetition symbols in **kern spines.

Repetition are represented in **kern by placing the tandem interpretations *rep and *Xrep before and after the group of notes to repeat. Depending on the type of replacement, the visual aspect of the repetition will be chosen based on the context in which it is found.

Measure-level repetitions

Half-measure repetitions

Beat repetitions

The number of slashes in a beat repetition symbol is determined by the duration of the individual notes in the repetition:

Examples of mixed-rhythm beat repetitions:

Removing repetition symbols

If you want to switch display styles from repetition symbols to fully written-out music, you can use the shed filter to remove the *rep markers before printing:

Error checking

Note that repetition symbols will not be checked for accuracy. The music inside of the repetition symbol markers should match the music preceding it that is being repeated; however, if this is not the case, the repetition symbol will still be generated.