This page describes how to create a new tag and add it to the page indexes.


A tag is a topic subject which can be used to group related pages together.

Allowed tags

The file _data/tags.yml contains a list of allowed tags for the website. If you want to create a new tag, add it to this list.

Using a tag

At the top of a documentation paage, there should be tags parameter that lists the tags that apply to the page. The tags for this page are:

tags: [all, maintenance]

All pages should contain the tag all.

Creating an index page for a tag

The Indexes entry in the sidebar contains a list of pages grouped by tags. If you create a new tag, then you should also create a new index page. If the new tag is xxx, then you should also create the file pages/tags/, with the content:

title: "Xxx pages index"
tagName: xxx
search: exclude
permalink: tag_xxx.html
sidebar: main_sidebar
folder: tags
{% include taglogic.html %}

Add tag index file to sidebar

The tag index file should be linked to from the sidebar. Edit the _data/sidebars/main_sidebar.yml, and add an entry for the tag index in the Indexes section.

The entry for the xxx tag would be:

    - title: Xxx pages
      output: web, pdf
      url: /tag_xxx.html