The evenNoteSpacing verovio option is useful to compress the musical spacing in order to see more music on the screen. This is useful for viewing analysis results.

Also see comprehensive list of options.

Example without the evenNoteSpacing option:

Equivalent spacing options

The evenNoteSpacing option is a shortcut for two other options:

!!!verovio: spacingLinear 0.0
!!!verovio: spacingNonLinear 0.0

To compress the musical spacing in a less drastic manner that evenNoteSpacing does, try setting these options to a non-zero value. Here are the default spacing parameters:

!!!verovio: spacingLinear 0.25
!!!verovio: spacingNonLinear 0.60

The spacingLinear option is used to control the compression of the notation, while the spacingNonLinear is used to control the relative spacing between rhythmic levels. For example, a value of 1.0 for spacingNonLinear means that the half-note takes the same space as two quarter notes. A value of 0.4 is approximately gives an equivalent spacing for the quarter and half notes.

Here are settings that produce music with 1/2 the space as the original example:

!!!verovio: spacingLinear 0.30
!!!verovio: spacingNonLinear 0.45