This page describes how to create a new documentation page and add it to the sidebar menu.

Topic directories

To create a new page, several steps need to be done. First create a new directory within the directory for a sidebar topic (or create a new directory for a new topic). The current topic directories are:

Description of keyboard commands and other interations for controlling the VHV interface.
keyboard comands, clicks, etc., for doing graphic editing in the music notation editor.
encoding topics for Humdrum data format.
Description of the VHV user interface.
Descriptions of how to create and maintain the documentation website.
Examples of how to use verovio and humdrum in your own projects.

Subtopic directory

After creating a subtopic directory, copy an file from a related subtopic directory. For exmple, this page is called is in the maintenance topic directory, and the newpage subtopic directory.

Liquid header

Each documentation page contains a liquid header, such as the one for this file:

search: exclude
title: Creating a new documentation page
author: Craig Stuart Sapp
creation_date: 14 Mar 2017
last_updated: 14 Mar 2017
tags: [all, maintenance]
sidebar: main_sidebar
keywords: maintenance new page
summary: This page describes how to create a new documentation page and add it to the sicebar menu.
permalink: /maintenance/newpage/index.html

Recognized parameter names and their meanings:

search: exclude
Add this line if you do not want the page to turn up in the search results.
the main title of the page, shown in large font underneath the top navigation bar.
The primary author, or a list such as [author1, author2] if there is more than one author.
A non-author editor (improving text, adding only a little content), or a list such as [editor1, editor2] if there is more than one editor.
The date that the page was created.
The date that the page was last edited.
A list of all topic tags which apply to the page.
sidebar: main_sidebar
This is the main sidebar for the website (should be added to most any page).
Search times for interaction with search engine indexing.
Short description of the page which is shown immediately underneath the title at the top of the page.
datatable: true
Enable datatables on the page. This variable is used in the default.html layout file.
verovio: true
Enable verovio javascript toolkit on the webpage for interactive humdrum figures. This variable is used in the default.html layout file.
the URL pathname for the compiled HTML page. This should almost always be the same location and name as, but renamed index.html.

Adding a new page to main sidebar

After content has been added to the page, you can add a link to the page on the main sidebar. The sidebar is located in _data/sidebars/main_sidebar.yml It should be obvious what to add when you see the file.